5 Things I’ve Learned About Blogging (so far)


Although I find it somewhat ironic to blog about blogging, I wanted to share a few things that I’ve learned so far.

  1. WordPress.com v. WordPress.org  –  Prior to embarking on this new blogging journey, I had absolutely no knowledge about wordpress or the inner workings of the internet. Truth be told, I actually started my blog on wix.com. I was having trouble understanding wordpress so I thought this would be a better option. WRONG. Wix just didn’t offer the same things as wordpress. I’m sure it would be fine to make a regular website with but it really wasn’t blog friendly. So, after a week or two, I went over to wordpress.com. Once there, I had zero idea of what I was doing. I must’ve chatted with the WordPress “happiness engineers” about a 100 times. So much so, that I’m sure they argued over who would have to answer the “clueless girl” for the upteenth time. Once I got down the basics, many other chats revolved around why my site was limiting me from certain things. I was then told that I could switch to a self-hosted site. Upon learning that I had another option ( a.ka. wordpress.org,) I decided to switch. Before that moment, I had no idea what that meant but through tears and frustration…err, I mean trial and error, I found myself over at bluehost.com. I set up a hosting site through them which was actually easier than I thought. Next, I needed to import all my old content, transfer followers, and set up a new theme. Luckily, the “happiness engineers” came to my rescue again and were able to walk me through everything. To avoid a lot of hassle and irritation, I definitely recommend starting out with wordpress.org.
  2. Blogging Is Social – This blogging universe is an incredibly social place. Having strugged with social anxiety for many years, it feels great to be able to connect with people of similar interests and not worry about feeling judged. Everyone has been so supportive of eachother, which lets face it, doesn’t always happen in the real World. It’s been an empowering experience so far to have other females say things like “that looks great on you” or “I love your shoes!” I’ve definitely learned that it’s important to respond to every person that leaves a comment. If they’ve taken the time out of their busy lives to leave a comment, it definitely deserves a reply. I’ve noticed that I’ve left a few comments and as silly as it sounds, it hurts my feelings when I don’t get a response. Maybe I’ve been watching too much “13 Reasons Why” and my emotions are out of whack but I always appreciate a response back.
  3. Etsy Is The Way To Go – OK, again I had no idea what I was doing when I was designing my blog. I’m a total perfectionist and couldn’t figure out how to make my blog look “better.” When I was using wordpress.com, I was using a free theme. I went through a couple free themes over there because I just couldn’t decide on one. When I switched over to my self-hosted site, I purchased a theme through Mojo Marketplace which I DO NOT recommend. The first them I purchased wasn’t compatible with the jetpack plugin (which you need to install on your self-hosted site in order to operate similary to wordpress.com.) I went back and forth with the support team and they exchanged my theme for a different one. This theme wasn’t operating properly and was taking entirely too long to load. So, after reading another blogger’s blogging tips, I searched on etsy for wordpress themes. I was able to find the one I’m using now. It was super easy to install and the support was fantastic. I also found a woman to help me with a logo and so far she has been incredible.
  4. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others – This one is important! I’ve been incredibly guilty of this these past few weeks. I see bloggers saying that they’ve reached 1,000 followers in a couple short weeks and I start wondering what I’m doing wrong. I’ve learned that this is a harmful way of thinking. Everyone’s blog is different and each has something different to offer. If it takes a little longer to reach a large amount of followers then so be it! I’ve learned I’m learning to not compare myself to others and just continue on doing my own thing and be proud of myself regardless of how many followers I have.
  5. Images and Content – Last but not least, I’ve learned that images make a big difference. I’ve noticed some popular blogs that use a lot of white images which are more visually appealling. Thus, I’ve found programs to lighten up my images and I think (at least, I hope) that they look better. I currently don’t have a camera and use my iphone for pictures but I’m hoping I can get one at some point very soon. #goals. I’ve also realized that I use mostly images in my posts and not very much content. I’ve always been a visual learner and have had a hard time putting my thoughts into writing. However, I think more people enjoy reading posts instead of just looking at images. I’m making it another goal to write more on each and every post.Speaking of images, I just noticed this post doesn’t have any! So, here is a picture of sea otters holding hands. Why? Because how stinkin’ cute is that???

    sea otters.jpg

    Phew! That was long! If you’re still here, I hope this post helps you if you are just beginning your blogging journey. I know, I could’ve saved a lot of headaches had I just done a little research first.